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Rainy Night # 614

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Amtrak Ejectee Blues

so I’m drinking on the Amtrak / back in their fine lounge car (x2)

I’m pounding the Margaritas / hitting on a woman named Dar……..lene

Darlene does not appreciate me / so I hit on her mother, Claire (x2)

they stop that train and they eject me / in the middle of nowhere

am I still in Idaho? / looks like I might be farther south (x2)

alligator swamps all around me / nasty teeth in that one’s mouth

looks like I picked a bad day / to wear my alligator shoes (x2)

I’m a city boy stuck in the bayous / Amtrak ejectee blues

the mosquitoes sound like chainsaws / and I’ve seen seven UFOs (x2)

someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah / and I hear Dueling Banjos


copyright – G.A. Miller

photo by Lizzie Miller

Spooky Famous Novelist

I’m a toad and she’s a shark / we’re drunk tonight, it doesn’t matter

privacy curtain time / her driver’s gone and I go at ‘er

when I whisper words of love / she says  “toad, can the chatter”

(chorus)  spooky famous novelist / splashing New York limousine

jack-o-lanterns sing their song / “cheer up toad, it’s Halloween”

afterwards, more champagne / she blows smoke and autographs

her new book, ‘Bozo Drooled’ / she chucks it at me and she laughs

“my toad prefers magazines / with photographs of giraffes”

(repeat chorus)

did I mention that it’s raining?

Central Park, I fall out / she says “later, Mr. T.”

I put on my top-hat / take one hop and hit a tree

I lie around in the pouring rain / she rides back into the sea

(repeat chorus)

copyright – G.A. Miller

Pickin’ on Billy*

back in college Bill tried marijuana / but at least he did not inhale

then he was the guv, with the crazy moon above / “come on Paula baby, save my whale”

(chorus)  everybody’s pickin’ on Billy / pick away, pick away, pick away

back in Little Rock we guard the still / and wonder why they pick on Bill

maybe he didn’t sell arms to Iranians / or lead the country by astrology

there’s itches you don’t scratch around old Orin Hatch / he ain’t takin’ no apology

(repeat chorus)

late at night in the Oval Office / what the hell ya doin’ now Bill?

“long distance call down to Oklahoma, ya’ll / wakin’ up old Anita Hill”

(repeat chorus)

*  That’s my brother Dave in the photo. He didn’t care for Bill, but we played a lot of songs together. Rock on Dave!

copyright – G.A. Miller

featuring; Brad Steven Johnson (electric guitar) Greg Floor (saxophone) Jim Jarvis (bass) Jake Jacobson (drums)


Bad Year For Folksingers

(chorus)  it’s a bad year for folksingers / just like the year before

it’s a bad year for folksingers / nobody sings along anymore

there ain’t no glory in it / like back in the Village days

Dylan plays electrical guitar / drives a Cadillac around L.A…  hey (repeat chorus)

my wife has divorced me now / she married some guy named Newt

they moved out to Washington / send me some Spanish boots (repeat chorus)

I went down to a coffee house / to listen to a friend

we was five people gettin’ all wired / our answers was blowin’ in the wind (repeat chorus)

copyright – G.A. Miller

photo by Lizzie Miller


maybe you’re lugging your cello / off to school in a Santa Ana Wind

it’s messing up your hair and you’re wishing life was fair / and they’d let you play the violin

what are you remembering / is it some pretty little song

if you could only tell us please / we could all sing along

maybe you’re at a picnic table / on the shore of Lake Elsinore

Vin Scully on the transistor / Dodgers leading five to four

what are you remembering / is it some pretty little song

if you could only tell us please / we could all sing along

meanwhile it’s your anniversary / number fifty and we’re all here

you smile and call David ‘the fisherman’ / and Dad wipes away another tear

what are you remembering / is it some pretty little song

if you could only tell us please / we could all sing along

if you could only tell us please / we could all sing along

copyright – G.A. Miller

Big Potato ( Pomme de Terre )

looks like a big potato / it’s made of solid rock

it’s coming through our front doors / it’s not gonna knock

it’s a giant asteroid / our names are written on it

holy guacamole Mary / put on your Easter bonnet

big potato

conservatives will be happy / knowing the French’ll get fried

until they feel that tsunami / up their big backsides

roaches will survive / keep truckin’ – that’s their motto

I’m talkin’ big potato / or as my dog will say “rorato”

rig rorato

I do not care for roaches / you probably feel the same I guess

I had to stomp on six just yesterday / but hey, I guess I digress

I’m in the Du-Drop Inn / below our shaky dam

B-52s on the jukebox / frosty mug of Hamms

I duck out to the alley / you can’t smoke in the joint

the city don’t like smokers / I guess the had a point

big potato

copyright – G.A. Miller


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same bird

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