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couple on the beach

Posted: March 31, 2014 by gamillerlasvegas in about water
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Satellite Iwo Jima

I surf to a movie with John Wayne (x3)

satellite Iwo Jima

I just got home from my lousy job (x3)

screw my cubicle

screw it

gonna quit my job and be a songwriter (x3)

tora tora Warren Zevon

gonna drink ten beers and then I will crash (x3)

like a Zero into the ocean

hey, hey

copyright – G.A. Miller


011                              GAM


Hold On, It Gets Better

Preacher Joe is ATM-ing / grabbing traveling dough

Sue called him at four A.M. / “I’m carrying your baby, Joe”

very inconvenient / Sue’s married to Mean Dean

Dean has a pirate eye-patch / owns more guns than the Marines

hold on, it gets better

five Supreme Court peanut eaters / stroll out of a bar

they hi-jack a nearby election / drive it off like a stolen car

they take a right-turn joyride / get stuck on some railroad tracks

freight train barreling down the hill / welcome to Iraq

hold on, it gets better

Preacher Joe changes a flat / whoops, it’s a tornado!

Mean Dean owns two big piranhas / aquarium talk radio

Sue looks out a window / as Preacher Joe flies by

Dean serves his fish the neighbor’s cat / who’s name was Garfield

hold on, it gets better


copyright – G.A. Miller


My Sister’s Pinto

my sister’s Pinto was yellow in color / like a lemon, like a submarine

she drove it through the car-wash every Saturday/ had to keep that Pinto clean

(chorus) my sister’s Pinto, my sister’s Pinto / look at her go, whew Lord, whew Lord

my sister’s Pinto, my sister’s Pinto / that baby was made by Ford

now my sister’s Pinto had three on the floor / it was a lot of fun to drive

buzzer told her to strap in / they had to keep my sister alive


now my sister’s Pinto was almost paid for / things began to go wrong

engine started pinging and the gas tank blew up / radio quit during a Johnny Prine song


copyright G.A. Miller