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California Scene

Posted: June 30, 2014 by gamillerlasvegas in a few trails
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Chow Time

saber tooth eats a caveman / caveman eats a saber tooth

no silverware, no napkins / no ketchup, how uncouth

chow time here on planet earth / you want a table or a booth?

Noah barbecues burgers / on the poop-deck of his ark

seems there was this extra cow / he didn’t wanna throw to the sharks

two pit-bulls are jumping around / bark bark bark bark bark

rats dodge New York traffic / to go nibble on King Kong

who the hell brought that monkey to town? / they shoulda known things would go wrong

all the brave young pilots / who shot King off the Empire State

gather at a diner down by the airport / and order some special blue plates

from the waitress Kate

little fish, big fish, bigger fish / here comes a killer whale

meanwhile, in that French restaurant / people are munching snails

old Dick Cheney’s out in the woods / trying to shoot a quail

look out

now your dung-beetle, there’s a little creature / who really got a bad deal

one can only imagine / the injustice he must feel

the other day I read a short story / while chugging some Parrot Bay

this guy had to eat off his own arms and legs / he was a Stephen King castaway

I cancelled my cruise today

we have a cat who’s a vegan / she only eats cat-nip

she listens to Charlie Parker / that cat’s pretty hip

I like to sit with my popcorn / and watch her do back-flips

in some less-fortunate countries / some people will eat cats

my cat’s always so loaded / she ain’t too worried about that

meanwhile back in New York City / a wino kicks a rat


copyright G.A. Miller


best friends

Posted: June 27, 2014 by gamillerlasvegas in a few trails
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Fabulous Las Vegas Bridge

fabulous Las Vegas bridge / I stand in the heat and I sing

yonder’s the Statue of Liberty / such a pretty little thing

you’re right, she’s not all that little / as she winks at the Eiffel Tower

I have enough money for Gallo / only been out here about an hour

fabulous Las Vegas bridge / a woman with legs as long

as my shot at winning her / walks right by my song

people pose with Frankenstein / for zany photographs

photos for their Facebooks / all their friends will laugh

fabulous Las Vegas bridge / yonder’s the MGM

Jimmy Buffett always plays there / the last time I saw Jim

was way back in ’99 / I got into a fight

with some rowdy Parrotheads / it was quite a night

got my butt kicked

fabulous Las Vegas bridge / I made this cardboard sign

that says I need money for beer / even though I always drink wine

listen to that ambulance / they go by every few minutes

one just drove right under me / I’m glad that I’m not in it

copyright G.A. Miller

“what the ?”

Posted: June 26, 2014 by gamillerlasvegas in wildlife photos
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the new cashier is pushing sixty / I like her grey ponytail

I like the way she took my order / she put a breeze in my old sail

Robert E. Lee is at Mickey D’s / do they take Confederate quarters?

the new cashier looks a little nervous / “sir, can I take your order?”

I fill my cup at the soda pop dispenser / I’m waiting on my number one meal

I really like the new cashier / I like the way she makes me feel

Robert E. Lee is at Mickey D’s / do they take Confederate nickles?

the new cashier wonders if he’s joking / “I’ll have a Whopper hon, no pickles”

I’m not tired of Big Macs yet / I’m tired of on-line dating

rode a bus down here for lunch / back home no one’s waiting

Robert E. Lee draws his sword / on my new cashier

I’m guessing that Confederate money / is not welcome here

I go over and I kick Bob’s ass / then I ask Marie for a date

that’s her name according to her name badge / she says “a date sounds great”

Robert E. Lee is leaving Mickey D’s / he’s taking a ride with the cops

the new cashier quits her new job / and she joins me at the bus stop

copyright G.A. Miller

Coast Highway

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Cannery Row

Posted: June 23, 2014 by gamillerlasvegas in about water
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A Plant For My Apartment

got a plant for my apartment / I moved in a year ago

got a plant for my apartment / I moved in a year ago

it’s what they call a philodendron / I like to watch it grow

got a plant for my apartment / I live in Pasadena

got a date tomorrow night / with a cutie named Gina

gonna pick her up at seven / she lives in West Covina

the landlord ain’t such a bad guy / he resembles Tom Waits

days that his old car starts / are days he celebrates

sometimes I celebrate with him / down at the Loch Ness Monster

happy hour

Scotty and the Hankies

got a plant for my apartment / a pawnshop stereo

I only have one speaker / two was too much dough

gonna fire one up now / put on Sheryl Crow

if it makes you happy

run baby run

run baby

let’s run out to Roswell, baby

copyright G.A. Miller