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One Day in Omaha

I hop to Mr. Toad’s / Old Market, Omaha

I’m not a perfect man / I admit I have some flaws

bottle of beer on the patio / there goes a woman with no bra

zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Omaha

it’s a sunny afternoon / birds are in the trees

tweet, tweet, “hey there waitress / another bottle please”

no tornado warnings / I love days like these

zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Omaha

after a few beers / I figure I should eat

so I leave Mr. Toad’s / and hop on down the street

I hop to Billy Frogg’s / I swear I’m not making this up

zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Omaha

Billy Frogg’s has a patio too / I like to eat outside

watch the horse-drawn carriages / taking folks for rides

there goes Warren Buffett / and his bodyguard Clyde

zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Omaha

I decide I’m not that hungry / I get a pitcher of brew

fifteen minutes later / I’m on pitcher number two

guess I’ll go for the record / if that’s alright with you

zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Omaha

eventually I’ll hop / back to my domicile

I live on the seventh floor / dirty dishes  bachelor style

keg of beer in my refrigerator / thank God I don’t own a car

zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Omaha

I shall gaze out my window/ it might rain, I love raindrops

drunk drivers down on Farnam / getting nailed by cops

as info, here in Nebraska / corn is a popular crop

zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Omaha

zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Omaha

copyright G.A. Miller


Moby Gig

well, once I had a gig at the Bayshore Saloon

guzzling pitchers in the smoke and trying to stay in tune

(chorus)  that bar was near the ocean on a cool night in July

the moon was on the water and a whale went swimming by

there was a wobbly ceiling fan, I wondered “would it fall?”

I was twenty-four, there was a swordfish on the wall

(repeat chorus)

some of my friends even showed up after checking with the TV Guide

Marty made his usual request, he hollered “hey play outside”

(repeat chorus)

a guy with a harmonica said that he wanted to jam

he’d written an instrumental called ‘Crammin’ For My Exams’

(repeat chorus)

the bartender gave me forty bucks, he looked sorta like Randy Quaid

I used to always play my songs for nothing, it was the first time I ever got paid

(repeat chorus)

copyright – G.A. Miller

demented photo of Russ Martin and his fans was stolen from Facebook.




Satellite Iwo Jima

I surf to a movie with John Wayne (x3)

satellite Iwo Jima

I just got home from my lousy job (x3)

screw my cubicle

screw it

gonna quit my job and be a songwriter (x3)

tora tora Warren Zevon

gonna drink ten beers and then I will crash (x3)

like a Zero into the ocean

hey, hey

copyright – G.A. Miller


One For Franz Kafka

moved out to California, took a room up seven flights (x2)

this morning I’m a giant cockroach, write it off as another bad night

they say an artist named Melissa used to  live right here in 702 (x2)

I walk over to the window, the very one through which she flew

looking down through the window, they’re towing away someone’s old Chevelle (x2)

it’s a world for painting flowers, portraits of yourself can give you hell

I turn away from the window and I go and grab myself a brew (x2)

I’ll find a job tomorrow, there must be work that a roach can do

copyright – G.A. Miller

featuring; Jim Jarvis (bass) Brad Steven Johnson (electric guitars) Jake Jacobson (drums)

Dead Cat Song

some friends of mine, including Jack, lived on Acacia Street

in this old run-down  rented house with weeds around its feet

Jack would put on Jerry Jeff Walker, crack a beer and sing along

never dreaming he’d be immortalized in this dead cat song

now this house didn’t have a basement, it had a crawl space instead

darkness and dirt ‘neath a hardwood floor, pipes on which to bump your head

one day my friends smelled a smell, and man that smell was strong

here’s where you get to meet the dead cat in this dead cat song

yeah, some old cat had up and died underneath that house

maybe he hit his head on a pipe while he was chasing a mouse

my friends, they shrugged their shoulders and they passed the bong

which is something I’m now endorsing in this dead cat song

my friends delayed for a couple of days, but that smell was coming right up through the floor

Jack lost the toss and he had to crawl underneath to do the chore

though he would have rather been up at the North Pole, wearing a Speedo and playing some outdoor ping-pong

Jack grabbed a hefty bag and he became the hero of the dead cat song

well, Jack said “I saw about ten black widows, and man that dead cat stunk”

we sat on the porch and we laughed about it later and we got real drunk

and yes I know, oh how I know, that getting drunk is wrong

as a matter of fact I was pretty drunk when I wrote this dead cat song

well, I don’t know what Jack did with that cat, it was many years ago

maybe he threw it in the dumpster behind the Tastee-Freeze, I don’t know

I would call him up and ask, but I gotta catch a plane to Hong Kong

perhaps I’ll ride in a rickshaw and hum this dead cat song (hum)

copyright – G.A. Miller

Out There West of Here

a kid named Frank stole a boxcar ride / destination Bangor, Maine

the train took a siding and the hungover brakeman / threw Frank off in the rain

Frank cut across a cornfield / to a cafe with a blue neon light

Johnny Cash was singing on the jukebox / some other plans fell apart that night

a train whistle blows / out there west of here

how’s it goin’  there Betty / I’ll have a bottle of beer

now me and Betty was almost goin’ steady / ’til that night Frank walked in

I was the flat-top rookie deputy / shoulda run him out of town there and then

‘cuz Frank sat down and smiled at Betty / dragon tattoo on his arm

Betty left me sittin’ with an empty coffee cup / when Frank turned on the charm

a train whistle blows / out there west of here

I’ll have a cheeseburger Betty / and another bottle of beer

well, to make a long story short / Frank and Betty own the cafe

they saved their money and bought the place / Frank’s cookin’ will kill me someday

their kids are grown and doin’ fine / except for Daryl and his weird haircut

“goodnight sheriff,” Frank hollers at me / as he slaps old Betty on the butt

a train whistle blows / out there west of here

I’ve never seen the ocean / guess I’ll drive out there this year

a kid named Frank stole a boxcar ride / destination Bangor, Maine

the train took a siding and the hungover brakeman / threw Frank off in the rain

copyright – G.A. Miller