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Amtrak Ejectee Blues

so I’m drinking on the Amtrak / back in their fine lounge car (x2)

I’m pounding the Margaritas / hitting on a woman named Dar……..lene

Darlene does not appreciate me / so I hit on her mother, Claire (x2)

they stop that train and they eject me / in the middle of nowhere

am I still in Idaho? / looks like I might be farther south (x2)

alligator swamps all around me / nasty teeth in that one’s mouth

looks like I picked a bad day / to wear my alligator shoes (x2)

I’m a city boy stuck in the bayous / Amtrak ejectee blues

the mosquitoes sound like chainsaws / and I’ve seen seven UFOs (x2)

someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah / and I hear Dueling Banjos


copyright – G.A. Miller

photo by Lizzie Miller