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Spooky Famous Novelist

I’m a toad and she’s a shark / we’re drunk tonight, it doesn’t matter

privacy curtain time / her driver’s gone and I go at ‘er

when I whisper words of love / she says ¬†“toad, can the chatter”

(chorus)  spooky famous novelist / splashing New York limousine

jack-o-lanterns sing their song / “cheer up toad, it’s Halloween”

afterwards, more champagne / she blows smoke and autographs

her new book, ‘Bozo Drooled’ / she chucks it at me and she laughs

“my toad prefers magazines / with photographs of giraffes”

(repeat chorus)

did I mention that it’s raining?

Central Park, I fall out / she says “later, Mr. T.”

I put on my top-hat / take one hop and hit a tree

I lie around in the pouring rain / she rides back into the sea

(repeat chorus)

copyright – G.A. Miller