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Pickin’ on Billy*

back in college Bill tried marijuana / but at least he did not inhale

then he was the guv, with the crazy moon above / “come on Paula baby, save my whale”

(chorus) ¬†everybody’s pickin’ on Billy / pick away, pick away, pick away

back in Little Rock we guard the still / and wonder why they pick on Bill

maybe he didn’t sell arms to Iranians / or lead the country by astrology

there’s itches you don’t scratch around old Orin Hatch / he ain’t takin’ no apology

(repeat chorus)

late at night in the Oval Office / what the hell ya doin’ now Bill?

“long distance call down to Oklahoma, ya’ll / wakin’ up old Anita Hill”

(repeat chorus)

* ¬†That’s my brother Dave in the photo. He didn’t care for Bill, but we played a lot of songs together. Rock on Dave!

copyright – G.A. Miller

featuring; Brad Steven Johnson (electric guitar) Greg Floor (saxophone) Jim Jarvis (bass) Jake Jacobson (drums)