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Big Potato ( Pomme de Terre )

looks like a big potato / it’s made of solid rock

it’s coming through our front doors / it’s not gonna knock

it’s a giant asteroid / our names are written on it

holy guacamole Mary / put on your Easter bonnet

big potato

conservatives will be happy / knowing the French’ll get fried

until they feel that tsunami / up their big backsides

roaches will survive / keep truckin’ – that’s their motto

I’m talkin’ big potato / or as my dog will say “rorato”

rig rorato

I do not care for roaches / you probably feel the same I guess

I had to stomp on six just yesterday / but hey, I guess I digress

I’m in the Du-Drop Inn / below our shaky dam

B-52s on the jukebox / frosty mug of Hamms

I duck out to the alley / you can’t smoke in the joint

the city don’t like smokers / I guess the had a point

big potato

copyright – G.A. Miller


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same bird

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Boring Song

here’s a boring song / it’s like some prison cell

when you’re thinking about busting out / and if they shoot you, what the hell

it’s not really a love song / it does not rock ‘n roll

right now you’re probably thinking / “who is this asshole?”

here’s a boring song / it’s useless I agree

it’s like some old Eskimo on the ice / drifting out to sea

this song don’t have a hook / don’t even have a chorus

now here’s a harmonica interlude / dedicated to my first wife Doris

here’s a boring song / sung by a boring guy

I made it up one evening / when my Timex wouldn’t fly

there was an old George Sanders movie / playing on channel thirteen

as the traffic light outside my window / went yellow, then red, then green

copyright – G.A. Miller

Long Haul

I land at McCarran, hail a cabbie named Darren / that’s not his real name but it rhymes

viva Las Vegas, but wait,something’s wrong / I’ve seen Hoover Dam now three times

long haul, long haul / just wanna get to my hotel

I should be gambling, but Darren keeps rambling / on about some movie that he saw

he’s rambling, I’m snoozing, when I wake up / we’re in Beaver, Utah

long haul, long haul / just wanna get to my hotel

Darren says his ex-wife Jezebel / rode off with some biker, Mojave Michelle

there goes a camel / what the hell?

we run out of gas on Donner Pass / the meter is still going

I reach for my cell, better order some pizzas / meanwhile the blizzard keeps blowing

long haul, long haul / just wanna get to my hotel

Bigfoot’s knocking, Darren rolls down his window / Bigfoot chuckles “well,well, well…

hey Darren, tell him no anchovies on it this time, dude.”

copyright – G.A. Miller

Walkin’ Your Kangaroo

I’m walkin’ your kangaroo / palm tree avenue

scoopin’ up his doo doo / walkin’ your kangaroo

I’m walkin’ your ocelot / the one with all the spots

some guys would rather not / but I’m walkin’ your ocelot

I’m walkin’ your hyena / yonder’s your marina

I don’t miss my ex-wife Gina / I’m just walkin’ your hyena

I’m walkin’ your giant monkey / smells a little bit funky

he’s a hopeless banana junkie / I’m walkin’ your giant monkey

I’m walkin’ your great white shark / all around this park

I’d be walkin’ your aardvark /┬ábut he got et by the shark

I’m walkin’ all your pets / lightin’ your cigarettes

washin’ your Corvettes / you got it baby, no sweat

life is good

copyright G.A. Miller

buying a futon in tampa

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