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lost february pyramid

Posted: October 25, 2015 by gamillerlasvegas in a few trails
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I Hate the Pyramids

I hate the pyramids / the pyramids are stupid

some bonehead pharaoh buried inside / who took all the poor slaves for a ride

they had to slave in the sun / just to get those pyramids done

I hate the pyramids / kiss my butt King Tut

I hate the pyramids / I’ll never spend my money

on a Middle East vacation / on Egyptian desolation

don’t waana smell camel farts / I was glad when Bonaparte

shot the nose right off that Sphinx / he shoulda shot those pyramids too

man I hate ’em / I really hate ’em

yeah I hate ’em / I really hate ’em

I hate the pyramids / man I hate ’em so bad

I read a book that said perhaps / Martians built those piles of crap

Martians ain’t that lame / that they’d get in the pyramid game

I hate the pyramids / kiss my butt King Tut

copyright by G.A. Miller