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Kathy I Live in a Trailer

today I got a postcard / they somehow tracked me down

thirty-year high school reunion / back in my home town

now I’m thinking about you Kathy / and how you used to lead those cheers

as I sit here in my single-wide / and down a dozen beers

Kathy I live in a trailer / it’s near some railroad tracks

got a carport on the side Kath / a Tuff Shed in the back

ten feet from the tracks

another train goes rumbling by / my little kitchen’s rocking back and forth

I can smell that sewage treatment plant / on a cool breeze from the north

I wonder if you remember me / I had a hall locker right next to yours

I guess I was just a stoner back then / these days I stick to Coors

Kathy I live in a trailer / power lines right over my head

my wife, she could not stand it no more / she took off with the mailman, Fred

thank you very much Fred

that locomotive horn / is drowning out my neighbor’s angry shouts

he’ll strangle her some day / of that there is no doubt

I guess you married that quarterback Kath / and long may he prevail

I guess you didn’t get the blues like this / when your postcard came in the mail

Kathy I live in a trailer / it’s near a refinery too

after all these years Kath / I’m still in love with you

time for another brew

copyright – G.A. Miller