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Thanks to my manager for sending me this excellent photo. She does  not drink, but is a champion beer truck spotter.

This fine photo was taken by my Manager because I had to keep both hands on the wheel to swerve around the sunbathing gators. The bastards get angry when you run over them. Nothin’ worse than being chased all the way to Miami by a pissed-off, three-legged gator.


Billy Beer*

Posted: August 1, 2014 by gamillerlasvegas in beer trucks etc
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*My manager snapped an exemplary photograph of this six-pack of Billy Beer, which some neighbors actually paid her to remove from their garage sale. To my dismay, my manager reported the cans are empty. We agreed the only suitable home for a photo of this magnitude was, of course, my blog. So here it is. Cheers!

Billy Beer