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Burfurd flies around the country / to the talk radio stations

paying them to badmouth / corporate regulations

Burfurd built a new stadium / charged it to tax-payers

he bought another governor / and a dozen more mayors

Burfurd keeps having dreams of tall guillotines

he gets out of bed at three A.M.

and kicks the poodle Darlene

freaking rags to riches / are the words on his bumper-sticker

truth be known he bumped his parents off / to get their money quicker

his wife Babs drinks a lot / because she likes to dance

Burfurd really hates to dance / and he won’t take her to France

Burfurd keeps having dreams of tall guillotines

Babs says “get a shrink boy,

he’ll tell you what it means”

high noon at the mansion / on a hot summer hill

Babs pours another Bourbon / to take away the chill

she finds Burfurd with the maid / poolside guest-house bed

she grabs the gardener’s weed-whacker / off with hubby’s head

Burfurd no longer dreams of tall guillotines

his head is in the basket

with Louie’s and the Queen’s

copyright G.A. Miller