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Posted: October 12, 2015 by gamillerlasvegas in autobiography
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Happy Holidays to Elmore Griff and the Barking Spiders!

Armadillo Olympics

well I’m cruisin’ down old Georgia way / in my Econoline

doin’ a hundred and ninety-nine / I gotta get there on time

headin’ for a glorious event / it’s my favorite time of the year

headin’ for the Armadillo Olympics / sheddin’ these joyful tears

(chorus) Armadillo Olympics / got to get a box seat

can of Billy Beer,*  listen to me cheer / my life is complete 

well they catch a messa ‘dillos and they stick ’em in trunks / put numbers on their backs

they line ’em up and they let ’em loose / off they run around the track

they got swimmin’ and the high hurdles / and a slidin’ broad-jump too

we watch them ‘dillos match their skills / then we toss ’em in the barbecue (repeat chorus)

munchin’ down on a ‘dillo-burger / it tastes a lot like bacon

Gold Medal winners make the best eatin’ / if I’m not mistaken

‘course if you’re a vegetarian / you will not like this song

you will not like the Armadillo Olympics / so stay home where you belong (repeat chorus)

*Billy Beer was brewed by President Jimmy Carter’s brother Billy. The story goes that Jimmy drank a little too much of it, which is how he got whupped by Ronald Reagan, who only drank Shirley Temples.

copyright – G.A. Miller

photo by Lizzie Miller