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Rusty Armor

over stolen Safeway carts / weeping willows hanging low-rent style

she’s coming back from the clinic / the dragons of Anaheim smile

from the porch he throws a bottle / at her poor kitty cat

if I didn’t have to water the pot plants / I’d be doing something ’bout that

(chorus) roses are still red / violets are still blue

I’ve got rusty armor babe / what can I do?

the first time I ever met her / she asked me for a ride

she had to go bail him out of jail / way out in Riverside

he burns her with his cigarettes / and blackens both her eyes

she never presses charges / he’s a real lucky guy (repeat chorus)

we could head up to San Francisco / in my old hippie bus

with any kind of luck at all / he wouldn’t come after us

but here I sit by the window / a coward and a wimp

rolling up a homegrown reefer / ’bout the size of the Goodyear Blimp (repeat chorus)

copyright – G.A. Miller