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Shark Ropin’

oh I’v’e got my diving goggles and my Voit swim fins

it’s good work when you can get it, so I jump right on in

I’ve got me a rope, sorta like Will Rogers, I’m gonna rope me a shark

it is a very dangerous job boys, the bite is much worse than the bark


shark ropin’ yippee yi yo, get along little doggies

later we’ll have some outlaw music just like back in Muskogee

I guess I should have stayed in college, I could have been a CEO

I could have been Madonna’s gynecologist, but it’s over the side I go

right off the bat here comes a hammerhead, nothing but ocean between us

if I ain’t careful he’ll have my butt for dinner,dessert could be my little old…


I rope the shark and I sell him to Sizzler, or San Diego Sea World

I collect my money and I hop on the bus man, go home and make love to my girl


copyright – G.A. Miller

Featuring Chris Jamison on electric guitar

Maybe I’ll Move To Vegas

maybe I’ll move to Vegas / tell the Brine Shrimp*  “see ya later”

curl my hair and get some glasses / be a Weird Al imitator

gonna drive all the women crazy / singin’ ’bout my bologna

do  ‘Another One Rides the Bus’ / for the old folks from Sedona

hey maybe I’ll move to Vegas

maybe I’ll move to Vegas / it’s right down I-15

I’ll try not to get in a car crash / I don’t need no ruptured spleen

gonna buy a Big Mac in Beaver / with some french fries and a Sprite

Beaver,city of magic / Beaver, city of lights

hey maybe I’ll move to Vegas

maybe I’ll move to Vegas / put a slot machine in my kitchen

my friends from L.A. will come to visit me / they’ll say “wow dude, how bitchen”

gonna find me a forty-something waitress / who looks good in a mini-skirt

I’ll get in an all night poker game / probably lose my Hawaiian shirt

hey maybe I’ll move to Vegas

move it

maybe I’ll move to Vegas /  maybe not, I don’t know

I’ve been watching ‘Ocean’s 11′ / on the Late Late Show

we could start up another Rat Pack / all those other imitators and I

I’m talkin’ Elvis and Neil Diamond / and that lonely Orbison guy

hey maybe I’ll move to Vegas

I said maybe I’ll move to Vegas

* this song was written and recorded in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brine Shrimp are tiny gastronomical delights you can scoop right out of The Great Salt Lake by the bucket-full. I recommend washing  them down with Wasatch Beer.

copyright – G.A. Miller

Wildfire, My Pet Snail

(chorus) he’s Wildfire, my pet snail / he ain’t as fast as light rail

I gotta smile when he wags that tail / he’s Wildfire, my pet snail

I found him outside under a plant / surrounded by some hungry ants

felt sorry for him and picked him up / then he wagged that tail like a friendly pup

(repeat chorus)

he ain’t much work as pets go / he don’t cost me any dough

I can fly to Paris, check out the Louvre / then fly back home, he’s barely moved

(repeat chorus)

he lives in my old aquarium / someday he’ll die and I will bury ‘um

down by the river in a thunder shower / and once a year I’ll bring him flowers

(repeat chorus)

copyright – G.A. Miller

photo by Lizzie Miller