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Chinese Tanks

once a Chinese peasant / tired of eating dung

wrote a little protest song / about Mao Tse Tung

Mao caught that peasant / on some river bank

swim for it Hop Sing / that’s a Chinese tank

Chinese tank

me, I lost my job / it’s over in Shanghai

now I’m sitting on my sofa / I’m an unemployed guy

sitting on my sofa / I’m not watching the Yanks

I’m looking out my window / at a Chinese tank

a Chinese tank

I also lost my woman / so times are extra tough

she’s really into Chinese food / I said “I ain’t eating that stuff

don’t want to use no chopsticks / sweet and sour chicken, no thanks”

now I’m alone with my guitar / protesting tanks

Chinese tanks

Mr. President / no more treaties please

every time we sign a treaty / things get more Chinese

looking out my window / there’s my old dog ‘Hank’

bravely walking over / and peeing on that tank

on that Chinese tank

go get ’em Hank

atta boy Hank

copyright G.A. Miller


Goin’ Global

my sandals were made in China / this BMW comes from Carolina

this Perrier was bottled in Mexico / gulp it down and look out below

we’re goin’ global, global / from Anaheim to Chernobyl

we’re goin’ global / yippie ky o ki yay

some skinny kid made my watch / then he tightened up his belt a notch

while his little brother made my hat / in a land where they barbecue cats

we’re goin’ global, global / from Austin to Chernobyl

we’re goin’ global / anyah hashi meeka yobo sayo

man, I hate  tree-huggin’ whackies / I’d rather party with a dozen Iraquis

we’ll drink some Heinikins and sing karaoke / and everything will be okie dokie

we’re gon’ global, global / Anchorage to Chernobyl

we’re goin’ global / como se disa sporty Corvair

we’ve got us a treaty called NAFTA / we have NAFTA cuz we hafta

do what that market dictates / sell them cannibals some picnic plates

goin’ global, goin’ global, goin’ global!

God made the corporations / perhaps He’ll send back a few plantations

He gave the Eskimos computers / He’s thinkin’ the Vatican could use a Hooters

He’s goin’ global, global / Allentown to Chernobyl

goin’ global / ist dis nicht ein schnitzelbank?

we’re goi’ global, global / from Anaheim to Chernobyl

goin’ global yippee kay o ky yay

goin’, goin’, goin’, goin’ global

copyright – G.A. Miller

photo by Lizzie Miller