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Chinese Tanks

once a Chinese peasant / tired of eating dung

wrote a little protest song / about Mao Tse Tung

Mao caught that peasant / on some river bank

swim for it Hop Sing / that’s a Chinese tank

Chinese tank

me, I lost my job / it’s over in Shanghai

now I’m sitting on my sofa / I’m an unemployed guy

sitting on my sofa / I’m not watching the Yanks

I’m looking out my window / at a Chinese tank

a Chinese tank

I also lost my woman / so times are extra tough

she’s really into Chinese food / I said “I ain’t eating that stuff

don’t want to use no chopsticks / sweet and sour chicken, no thanks”

now I’m alone with my guitar / protesting tanks

Chinese tanks

Mr. President / no more treaties please

every time we sign a treaty / things get more Chinese

looking out my window / there’s my old dog ‘Hank’

bravely walking over / and peeing on that tank

on that Chinese tank

go get ’em Hank

atta boy Hank

copyright G.A. Miller




Standing In This Blue Line

I’m standing in this blue line / standing in this blue line

there’s an alligator / must be eight or nine

feet long

I’m standing in this blue / standing in this blue line

five more alligators / crash our voting line

Ponce de Leon didn’t find no mountains

but he found eternal youth

in some crazy fountain

just as soon as I vote

I’ll be heading up there

’cause I’ll be wearing Depends by then

and sporting snow-white hair

standing in this blue line / standing in this blue line

twenty-nine alligators / oh, the humanity

thanks a lot / Governor Scott

copyright G.A. Miller


Buffalo Bull

winter in Wyoming / two-thirty A.M.

motel phones are ringing / train time, Ray and Jim

Ray’s a freight conductor / Jim’s an engineer

me, I am an old buffalo / just standing over here

yeah, I am an old buffalo / standing on this hill

in the darkness and the blizzard / taking in the chill

all my friends and family / have all moved away

they went down to Florida / me, I’m here to stay

Ray and Jim meet for breakfast / at the all-night diner

the cook had another bar fight / get a load of that shiner

there’s the waitress Amber / she looks uninspired

I don’t have to work anymore /  this bison is retired

Butch and Sundance rode through here / saddlebags, dynamite

back before our little town / had any traffic lights

crew van to the yard office / creeping along sorta slow

I don’t need no crew vans / ’cause I’m a buffalo

like I said, I’m a buffalo / in the Walmart parking lot

I might move to Colorado / so I can smoke a little pot

freight-yard winds are brutal / snow’s blowing parallel

to the icy rails and the boxcar roofs / meanwhile back at the motel

two telephones start ringing / train time, Buzz and Daryl

by the way it’s Christmas Eve / think I’ll launch into a carol

here’s one that we all know / it’s a catchy little thing

yeah, I’m just an old smelly buffalo / but I still love to sing

(sings) ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer / had a very shiny nose

and if you ever saw it / you would even say it glows’

thank you very much (laughs)


hey, who the hell’s shooting arrows at me?

copyright by G.A. Miller

photo by Lizzie Miller



I Hate the Pyramids

I hate the pyramids / the pyramids are stupid

some bonehead pharaoh buried inside / who took all the poor slaves for a ride

they had to slave in the sun / just to get those pyramids done

I hate the pyramids / kiss my butt King Tut

I hate the pyramids / I’ll never spend my money

on a Middle East vacation / on Egyptian desolation

don’t waana smell camel farts / I was glad when Bonaparte

shot the nose right off that Sphinx / he shoulda shot those pyramids too

man I hate ’em / I really hate ’em

yeah I hate ’em / I really hate ’em

I hate the pyramids / man I hate ’em so bad

I read a book that said perhaps / Martians built those piles of crap

Martians ain’t that lame / that they’d get in the pyramid game

I hate the pyramids / kiss my butt King Tut

copyright by G.A. Miller