Fabulous Las Vegas Bridge

fabulous Las Vegas bridge / I stand in the heat and I sing

yonder’s the Statue of Liberty / such a pretty little thing

you’re right, she’s not all that little / as she winks at the Eiffel Tower

I have enough money for Gallo / only been out here about an hour

fabulous Las Vegas bridge / a woman with legs as long

as my shot at winning her / walks right by my song

people pose with Frankenstein / for zany photographs

photos for their Facebooks / all their friends will laugh

fabulous Las Vegas bridge / yonder’s the MGM

Jimmy Buffett always plays there / the last time I saw Jim

was way back in ’99 / I got into a fight

with some rowdy Parrotheads / it was quite a night

got my butt kicked

fabulous Las Vegas bridge / I made this cardboard sign

that says I need money for beer / even though I always drink wine

listen to that ambulance / they go by every few minutes

one just drove right under me / I’m glad that I’m not in it

copyright G.A. Miller

  1. i did these but my likes didn’t go through.

    was going to say
    haven’t seen him since 79
    i’m not old


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