the new cashier is pushing sixty / I like her grey ponytail

I like the way she took my order / she put a breeze in my old sail

Robert E. Lee is at Mickey D’s / do they take Confederate quarters?

the new cashier looks a little nervous / “sir, can I take your order?”

I fill my cup at the soda pop dispenser / I’m waiting on my number one meal

I really like the new cashier / I like the way she makes me feel

Robert E. Lee is at Mickey D’s / do they take Confederate nickles?

the new cashier wonders if he’s joking / “I’ll have a Whopper hon, no pickles”

I’m not tired of Big Macs yet / I’m tired of on-line dating

rode a bus down here for lunch / back home no one’s waiting

Robert E. Lee draws his sword / on my new cashier

I’m guessing that Confederate money / is not welcome here

I go over and I kick Bob’s ass / then I ask Marie for a date

that’s her name according to her name badge / she says “a date sounds great”

Robert E. Lee is leaving Mickey D’s / he’s taking a ride with the cops

the new cashier quits her new job / and she joins me at the bus stop

copyright G.A. Miller

  1. ann says:

    This song makes 60 look pretty great G.A., of course at 43 it’s something I can only look forward to.

  2. Bumba says:

    A very fine song. Hats off to songwriter who can make a touching, sweet song out of a geriatric pickup at Mc Donald’s.

  3. ann says:

    just dropped in to listen awhile, I like your style G.A.

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