Please Turn Down The Bass

Posted: December 29, 2013 by gamillerlasvegas in g.a. miller songs with lyrics
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Please Turn Down the Bass

we’re at a sidewalk cafe / my friend the ear doctor and I

a little car with monster speakers / booms and thumps on by

the good doctor grabs the tab / says  “kids like that one there

are jam-packed into my waiting room / now I’m a millionaire”

(chorus) please turn down the bass / please turn down the bass

Jesus Christ / please turn down the bass

I go home to my apartment / time for my daily nap

suddenly my next door neighbors / are cranking up some rap

the apartment walls are shaking / books belly-flop from the case

Dave Barry’s in the aquarium / bubbles shooting out of his face (repeat chorus)

I have a recurring nightmare / I’m over at symphony hall

I’m looking at two big speakers / both about 90 feet tall

then I scan the orchestra / and here’s where it gets bizarre

in their fancy gowns and tuxedos / they’re all holding bass guitars (repeat chorus)

copyright – G.A. Miller

  1. Sherrie says:

    I’ll have to side with the poor fish…nevermind turn down the bass when it comes to rap, just turn it off!

  2. Resa says:

    Ah…. the bass! Yes the fish, of course. Took me all day to get the connection, and I just did a fish post. “lol”
    Love your song!

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