Darn It Ashley

Posted: November 26, 2013 by gamillerlasvegas in g.a. miller songs with lyrics
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Darn It Ashley

so I’m hiking up in the mountains / with Ashley my girlfriend

unaware our happy trail / is about to end

we run into this mountain man / the mountain man says “hiya”

Speedo and a coonskin hat / he says his name is Jeremiah

darn it Ashley

Jeremiah has a moonshine jug / he’s a typical mountain man

Ashley takes a chug-a-lug / says “Jer, I like your tan”

well, we pass that jug around / I head for the moonshine zone

people let me tell you when I wake up / man, I’m all alone

darn it Ashley

I sit  down near the waterfall / to eat a little trail mix

I start in to missing Denver / God, how I love bricks

now this isn’t the first time / old Ashley’s gone astray

there was this cross-eyed matador / way down Mexico way

darn it Ashley

as Ashley’s out cavorting / with that Jeremiah dude

I sit around with my trail mix / longing for fast food

a Grizzly Bear comes nosing around / I figure it’s time to leave

Jeremiah my mama’s bowling ball / his name is probably Bruce or Steve

must reach Taco Bell

so I hop into my Neon / head back to civilization

turn on the Rockies game / to cheers and ovation

Larry Walker hits one out / the Rocks are up by three

Ashley don’t like baseball / baseball’s been good to me

darn it Ashley

copyright – G.A. Miller

drawing by Lizzie Miller

  1. camilla wells paynter says:

    No girl can resist a Speedo and a coonskin hat, GAM. That stuff’s hardwired. (I picture a Tolstoy beard, too, though the song didn’t mention it…little bird’s nest in there or somethin’….too sexy for your shirt, Jeremiah!)

  2. Resa says:

    “lol” Your songs are so fun! Even if they are sad, they are funny! Your sense of humor rocks!

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